Saturday April 7 2018 at 10:57

What’s in a name? Meet the futuristic strategist!

Michel Mol,  the Futuristic Strategist

I rewrote my bio yesterday. Which I need to do once in a while if the label does not match the contents any more.

And below is my 2018  answer to the question "and what do you do?". A bit harder was answering the follow-up  question "and what do you call that job?". Now I know that answer as well. I'm a futuristic strategist.

No crystal balls involved, only plausible future scenarios with their drivers and tipping points, based on business trends, competitive intelligence gathering and solid analysis. "Hunh?" you say. Well, read on below or get in touch to get acquainted.

The punch line

Michel is a global boardroom consultant who helps multinational companies assess their  markets, future competition and current opportunities. Clients served are a.o.: Microsoft, Samsung, Coca Cola, PepsiCo, Accenture, Deloitte, EY, KPMG.

The expertise

Business Strategy, Breakthrough business modeling

Future scenario development for industries and sectors

Management and launch of disruptive innovations

Valuation, Private Equity, M&A (in Fintech, AI, IoT, etc.)

Customer experience  and touch-point modeling

Integration of offline and online in hospitality and retail

Some past future projects

•Global software company: Go-To-Market strategy for office software suite in India, Indonesia, Brazil and Turkey

•Global smartphone company: Feasibility study on launching and operating location based mobile advertising and mobile payments.

•Dutch airline KLM: Analysis of passengers’ customer journey online and offline for the Transavia brand to identify revenue and UX opportunities

•Soft drink brand: competitive analysis of best practices in CPG marketing, organizational structure, usage of data & analytics.

•Soft drink brand: analysis of competitors’ organizational structures including strengths and vulnerabilities across Latin America

•Global consulting firm: interview global experts in preparation for the G20 Beijing report on the digital platform economy

•Global consulting firm: demand analysis in CPG multinationals for complexity management solutions based on Artificial Intelligence

•Industrial manufacturer: feasibility study on launching an open innovation incubator in Eastern Europe, valuation of disruptive innovations

•US TV studio & network: strategy development for incumbent TV production facing the challenge of Netflix and Amazon

•Various global banks: M&A scan of FinTech startups, Disruption analysis in wealth management, Banking in 2030 future scenarios

•Telco: strategy, competitive analysis of cloud services platforms and their usage of data analytics (AWS, Google, Microsoft)

•Global consulting firm: M&A scans in innovation domains (Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation)

•Manufacturer in Asia: Industrial Internet of Things market analysis, strategy development, M&A scan

The jobs before the gigs (back in the day)

International boardroom consultant at McKinsey&Company, Managing Director Interactive at Grey Advertising, Director of Innovation at Netherlands Broadcasting, where Mol launched and monetized the nation’s first and prime VOD service on web and cable.

Homeschooled and then some

Executive course in Strategic Negotiations at Harvard Business School, Private Equity at London Business School, E-commerce at Carnegie Mellon University, Performance Management for Non-Profits at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.


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